Moving With The Music


I want to be in a very specific place with this post…


Love doesn’t run,, Love doesn’t hide…

Mmm this white chocolate macadamia is delicious.. tastes like Love right now,, If it had a physical taste,, I’m sure it would taste like you girl..

If love had a taste,, girl it would taste like you,, your beauty radiates down from deep inside of you, If you where a pokemon like pikachu I would chose you,, to step inside a fantasy where all your dreams they can come true//

The rhythm is resounding feel the drum pound down,, fill your spirits up like a cup running out and over I could say I’m sober but the spirit of Jehovah got me switching lanes like a stang or a range rover words rollin over swag it out smooth how you do it when you do it on purpose,, living out loud digging past the surface, quick thinking sharp mind make the disturbers nervous, you can hate it or can love it but the world gone say they heard of us. Who is us, we are those unknown, unheard, but not undone, now got to fast forward into time cuz it’s time to get this done.

Yes time to get this done kind of like how Jonah was supposed to get it done and get it down to Nineveh to preach the good news,, But this dude was a rebel not in the sense of being up right in a corrupted and crazy world, But one who turned away from the voice of God and headed In the exact opposite direction of where he was called to go that’s why he had some troubles in the water. So dude wad supposed to go to this place to tell the people about their sin and bring them to repentance and to connect back to God and turn from their ways that lead to destruction, actually people where waiting for this man to step inside his Destiny so that they could have a revelation of a God’s goodness who actually where praying for Good to show up and show it on their behalf as they’ve been suffering the consequences if their ways. Good doesn’t send you where you are not needed, If you are not needed in the place you currently ¬†occupied, start listening for God’s hands and voice of guidance leading you into new lands of promise.

So you basically Jonah was so selfish that he did not even answer it and not follow Through with the privilege of being called to serve and to be the light in the dark places in this world. I honestly don’t know what Jonas prayer life was and his walk with God was prior to making this decision to just turn the 180 away. I mean honestly I cannot imagine what this dude thought that the consequences and repercussions were going to be for his decision to blatantly make an opposite turn away, I mean like who was dude kidding, you can barely even run let alone hide from God and his judgement.

So what fruit did the spirit of disobedience yield for Jonah and his decision? Man he brought a storm to where he was that affected everyone around him into a point of desperation as the waves came and rocked the boat on the vast waters.

The Jonah knew what was up he finally tells the crew as the waves are crashing as they’re landing and the seasoned sailors are crying and thrashing about like a vehicle whose tire blew on the expressway now sitting stuck waiting on the roadside assistance. Like by this time I know Jonah feel some type of way because he knew deep down inside that he was the reason why they were suffering through the storm.

I’ve always wondered what was going through those dudes mind as they readily accepted the invitation to throw this dude and his cursed behind overboard.

Man I know that a fire would have been set down in my soul that I cannot contain that I can not control.

So from there our buddy Jonah goes and takes a swim down into the deep blue and there he meets his new house for the next three days big whale fish.

Now God does show his Grace and mercies even when we do our wrongest wrongs,, his love is longer than the longest longs,, his light is stronger than the strongest strongs, an the greatest thing to ever come along.

You can come along

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Defamation of Character


What do you see…

When you look at the picture of the figure depicted above? Despite living a life full of positive examples and being a great entertainment icon within the African American community, because allegations from actions that may or may not have taken place over 30 years ago have surfaced, the character and integrity of this man’s life now hangs in the balance.

Man it this hurts all of the true Bill Cosby fans through the ages whether it was from being a fan through the Huxtables in the Bill Cosby Show And how they were the prime example of a African American family in America and that was successful, happy, and productive, Or we can look at the various show, speeches and comedic stand ups that Bill Cosby either was a part of creating or was the star of, Or another favorite the fat Albert’s show that showed you know the junk yard gang and all of the values and things learned from that show. I remember as a kid there was a show that came on that my parents will watch from time to time called kids say the darndest things. And even recently as Bill Cosby’s name is coming under fire, more of his contribution in a positive light has also surfaced As he was a very active an outspoken activist that was not afraid to address many of the issues that where and still are affecting his people. That’s what I see when I see the picture.

Now that we spoke about that let us also come to the part where justice has to prevail if the allegations claims are true. One thing that I do know is that the information that comes through the media is not always accurate and there are often agendas associated with it. I refuse to be in a category of individuals to allow A lifelong dedication exemplifcation of character and integrity be forsaken because of other individuals And their desire to grow financially it from attacking of this great man. Now it is my utmost intention and having this conversation without necessarily bringing in the racial profiling and the prejudice that can be associated with how this case is being dealt with and the slanderous nature now attached to any of his work and his name Due to the fact that there has been other individuals who have been accused of far more yet have not been dealt the same public cards as bill.

Now in all honesty I’m not speaking this from a bias assuming that is 100% innocent of the charges. And I do firmly believe that there should be definitive consequences both legally and spiritually for any wrong doing. But I am surprised that more common sense thinking people would not just question why these charges are coming up 30 25 years later. And for the most part all at the same time.

My honest desire in the midst of all of this that’s happening around this issue with this man Is that first of all the truth comes out, and then secondly every lie, every wrong doing, every hurt sees justice and that there are proper repercussions dealt to all parties that contributed to the lies. Cuz everybody not telling the truth somebody is lying..

That’s why I gotta keep telling the truth here..

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An Army Of One

0122 ARMY of ONE 11x10

Ohh the aspiration the ideal the inclination to go out and put yourself in harms way for the land that you love.

I am NOT here to be the voice against the noble act of defending your country and its liberties that perpetuate life and the pursuit of happiness from enemies who would rather see your downfall for one reason or the other.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not speaking out against the young service men and women and who have given their lives and sacrificed everything for what they believed in. I want to appreciate and applaud your service and sacrifice.

However it is very apparent that we do have issues in this country that are all along the lines of the military.

I truly do believe that it is utterly disgraceful that we can have these young men who gave up everything to be deployed overseas into whatever war for whatever agenda and came back home and with little to no provision to help them successfully integrate back into civilian living. I’ve seen veteran after veteran after veteran trying to build and piece their life back together either from the stress, Or simply because they were not equipped with the skills to be able to function in a society that is not ravaged with war. That’s like a contractor being the wood from a forest of trees, but not giving them proper tree care for them to thrive in their natural habitat. However as unfortunate as this reality is this is not necessarily the topic that I wanted to address in this post.

I was at a function of some time ago and I was truly surprised by the amount of young Individuals who were talking about their future in how they were looking forward to the best opportunity that they knew of with the armed service.

So me being slightly older than these young youth and me being one who has had encounters and conversations with those who have been enlisted in the services thinking it was one thing but found out it was something else, found myself in a position where I was compelled not to deter them from their plans, but to challenge them to think a little deeper into the implications of the decisions they’re making now on the rest of their lives.

I truly do believe that the armed forces in America does have A recruiting system in Place that targets the fears of the unknown world that young people have It has what appears to be an easy way a more simplistic way a more sure fire and guaranteed way to be all you can be, get an education, and see the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, The reality and the truth of the matter that there are some people who might as well been born in uniform because their childhood had shaped them to be effective and most useful in conditions of battle and militant operations.

However I cannot find myself appreciating the fact that these young people felt like their only way out and to make something of themselves was to sign their lives over to a military that serves a corrupt government who is known for creating issues around the world that our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers pay for with their lives.

And I say this with a heavy heart knowing the limitless potential that each and every individual has placed inside of them before they where even conceived.

And what had conflicted me the most about the situation was that the young people were brilliant, beautiful, smart kids who could have found success in any endeavor that they asked their mind to, yet the allure of selling your life to the agendas of the powers that be in this country was to accessible and tantalizing even as they admitted the facade that fell away the deeper they got into it.

Basically, what I’m saying is,,,

Somethings gotta change



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Good Bread, Good Meat


Good God Let’s Eat!!

The sizzle of the meat on the stove in the kitchen quarters. The pleasant aroma of coffee and chili wafting through the dining area beckoning the passerby and welcoming the loyal return customers. One thing we ALL have in common..

If we are alive, we need to EAT to replenish The store houses of energy and production that our bodies are the temples that we live in.

Man let’s take it back to the good old days how grandma used to do when she would go and get a quick and easy recipe and crank up something delicious from scratch.

And since we are on the topic of cooking, eating and dining this brings up a story of something that happened to me earlier today.

So as I’m preparing to leave out for the days for the night’s festivities for the occasion of the holiday of which today was, I’m approached by a family member who knows that I have any skill of using the English language to paint a picture, Being a writer a lyricist a speaker and a blogger after all. So she comes to me and she’s infuriated by the social media beef that’s happening over this video of a young child learning to cook.

The video is very simply a mother guiding and directing a young child as she standing on a stool at the stove cooking dish native to the her foreign land. I believe that is cool I mean like yeah I saw that the young girl at the her age even as soon as she was was going to be able to grow up with that skill. I’m like go ahead with your bad self girl when you grow up

The passion in the knowledge that you are learning in the kitchen there will be something that will help shape and mold you into a great mother and wife. Yet somehow even in the midst of how great that learning experience was for that child there were some people who Saw what was happening and found a way to hate on it Making wild and outlandish claims and allegations about how detrimental it is for this young child to be in the kitchen learning how she is and doing what she’s doing. And the response that this character had on social media greatly perplexed My family member who was enlisting my assistance to respond to that with a statement that captured the frustration of how she felt.

I bring this story of because of the simple fact that that shows How far away we have fallen from understanding the sacredness of what happens in the kitchen. Living in a fast-paced culture used to your work fast food fast is fast & go stop at McDonalds stop at Burger King get your burger dollar dollar dollar yada yada whatever.

Living in a generation where were watching the young girls come up overwhelmingly decreasing in their desire to fill that role within a family that puts love into them with the food she cooks with her hands.

So to you reader of my blog how ever you got here if I can leave you with anything in this little rant that I have Is do not let good dining die. We can all do our small part to have maybe just a little more awareness to what we are putting into our bodies and how we are doing it and reclaim the passion for the process of Fine Dining!

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Like A Tree


I know I’m not the only one…

Who has skimmed through the magazines of nature like National Geographic, or who has observe the beauty from first hand exposure walking through the sanctuary of a natural habitat, and stood in awe marveling at the magnitude of some of God’s creative masterpieces.

A tree represents a sturdy foundation it represents being grounded and rooted it represents the patience of the process of being planted as a seed and growing into a towering, shade giving, fruit bearing, paper producing, oxygen supplying addition to this great big earth that we are fortunate to call home.

However no matter how tall how impressive how great the tree appears to be it is only as strong as its roots. I have memories riding in the car as a kid after a tornado or natural storm and seeing just the biggest trees uprooted. But then I also took note of the trees that I saw that appeared a weaker above ground but yet they were still standing after the stormy winds had subsided. In that instant as a young kid I realize the importance of how deep and how firmly planted are the roots how strongly bonded are they.

When you see a large willow or poplar or oak tree that has grown to massive and gargantuan proportions, We have to consider and remember the journey that it had to take it down wards down into the ground before it even showed a sign of greenery that could be seen.

And then we also have to factor in the factors that were outside of the tree such as it’s tree care such as the Sun such as the conditions of the soil such as the frequency of the rain. There is a reason why you only find palm trees in certain climates in the certain places of the world. There is also a reason why you see that some trees do not thrive as readily in dirt that is full of clay and rocks. Sometimes the best chance for a tree to grow in such conditions is to be uprooted and relocated into another environment more conducive to its needs.

So it is for our families…

The image of a united and harmonious family is something that is special it is beautiful and it is sacred. A family that operates like one living organism all of the individuals having different roles and positions but yes working together as a proud and royal people. Now the unfortunate thing is is that we live in a culture and in a society that is reconstructing and reconfiguring the definition of family as our country was built upon. And what’s even worse is that there have been actual agendas that have been set in place to specifically target the family structure of African Americans in western society. You can research and look up and read the Willie Lynch letter if you want to confirm that as the fact that it is and the repercussions that we see today from it.

But nevertheless the way to heal from your past is not by looking at it blaming it and being stuck by it. I believe that family should sit down and communicate and talk and should work through the internal things that they need to do so that they could be on one accord. Let’s not use our words to tear each other down but let’s focus and look in the good in each other so that that part will grow.

And then even as the fruit tree that is in full blossom we will also bear fruit in our season and be an example for others who need to see the value and the joy that comes from standing with your family through the storms like a tree planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf will not wither and whatever is done will prosper into success.

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Haters Can’t Stand it


If they’re praying for your downfall….

Don’t lose sight of your mission if there are those who can watch you walk on water but then say that it’s because you can’t swim And all they want to talk about to you is your downfall That they wish to see because it would make them feel better about their lack of producing and production results, Yup they’re wishing hoping and praying for it then that means That you are a boss and you are doing something right.

We can take this conversation deeper and look into the psychological triggers that make hate happen. Because it truly is necessary for us to have a proper understanding of what goes on in the haters mind so that we will be able to avoid the downfall that comes from falling into it.

The first part of this haterade plague ¬†that I will not talk about is the….


Insecurities are the factors that make someone believe that they are not all whole they have some kind of blocks or barriers that makes them feel inadequate and unimportant. I’m telling this for you know, Unless a hater is ready to be reformed into loving then they will never receive the fact that what they’re projecting onto you is coming from their own issues. That because they don’t know how to deal with what’s going on inside of them internally then Although you may be doing something admirable and rising up reaching your aspirations and hitting your goals then they would respond with jealousy manifested in Accusations false lies just spending time trying to tear you down because they don’t know that you are not limiting them from coming up. They somehow have wrapped themselves into believing this false illusion that if You are making progress in life then that means that they can’t be and they don’t know that they can. And they also do not see that the very negative attitude that they hold towards your success is limiting their life and holding them back. A big part of the problem is that the majority of haters are not trying to go anywhere anyways which is in itself a reflection of the insecurities that surface When they see someone coming up in the world especially that person came from where they came from and started from where they started from yet are having different results.

What’s My Best Advice?

So now that we have dissected hate and seen that it is love but it is expressed as jealousy due to the problems within the hater. We can free ourselves from feeling the need to respond and sink to the level of those who have the intention of bringing you down. I challenge you and myself to have a spirit of blessing and peace towards the haters because they are validating your progress and even as the saying goes “for every new level there is a new devil”

And to the best of your ability for the love that you have for yourself and for the people around you, In order to be the best human God created you to be, limit your time around those who bring you down and surround yourself with winners.


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